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Our Laboratory Techniques Lectures Series will provide you a unique and broad understanding of the usual laboratory techniques, practicability and troubleshooting. International experts will guide and assist you to gain not only theoretical but also valuable practical skills, so you will be able to successfully integrate into any established research team all over the world or to develop your own experimental settings.

  • Date: 21.06.2024 04:00 PM
  • Location Strada Pitar Moș 20, Bucharest, Romania (Map)


We are happy to invite you to be part of a novel initiative of the Center of Innovation and eHealth at the UMFCD for all fundamental research enthusiasts. If you want to learn about the fundamental research methods for your future career or even to initiate, develop and put in practice your own ideas, this Basic Research Lectures Series is the right place to attend. You will get the chance to learn from international successful experts about the challenges faced by researchers across the world and the possible solutions to overcome the humans and resources impediments!

In the first inaugural lecture “Basic research – Scope, Methods and Possiblities”, you will learn about the aim of the fundamental research, how you can approach the methodology and what are your possibilities to get an early and successful start!