Advanced Pathology Services

Our group has many years of extensive experience in the development, implementation and analysis of different models in the research of mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases. We can share our experience helping other researchers to process their samples and facilitate their analysis. Applying and combining new technologies, such as 3D Reconstruction of heart and vessels, immunohistochemistry, mass spectrometry or biomechanical analysis, the mechanisms of action and the complex interactions of different molecules or therapies in a specific cardiovascular disease model can be studied and analysed, making the translation into the clinic much easier.

Target Audience
Research staff, research groups, research institutes, universities and companies with interest in cardiovascular diseases.


  • Serial cutting (heart and vessels) and proper storage of the tissue
  • Serial staining for morphometrical analysis of the heart and vessels
  • Serial immunohistological staining for studying biological and disease’s specific processes (inflammation, angiogenesis, fibrosis) in heart and vessels
  • High-Resolution imaging in normal light and immunofluorescence, as well as 3D Reconstruction and overly of all processes by request for heart and vessels
  • Analysis of the sections (manually and automatically) by request
  • Storage of the samples and the results by request

Elisa Liehn, MD, PhD