Octavian Bucur

Co-Founder and CEO of QPathology, Boston, MA, Editor in Chief of the journal Discoveries

Scientific Researcher trained in Molecular and Computational Pathology, Molecular Oncology and Medicine, Biomedical Technology Development at Harvard Medical School/BIDMC.

Dr. Octavian Bucur has made impactful contributions in several research fields, being one of the main developers of Expansion Pathology (Nature Biotechnology 2017 (in the top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric), Nature Protocols 2020; 3 patents). This method extends the current resolution limit (250 nm) of the optical microscopes to 70 nm, enabling visualization of smaller nanoscopic structures with inexpensive optical microscopy in preserved tissue specimens, after physical tissue expansion. Expansion-related technologies have tremendous implications in several biomedical fields, including diagnostic pathology, neuroscience and molecular medicine.