Software development

Currently, there is a huge need of data digitalization, mostly in the research field. Complex data acquisition and significant development of experimental possibilities create challenging tasks for the scientific community. Within this project, we plan to perform 3D Reconstruction of vessels and the heart, including inflammatory cells, new formed blood vessels, fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells, etc. Thus, a machine learning-based image analysis program will investigate concomitantly the morphology, physiology, cellular and molecular features of pathological conditions, providing new insights in the mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases.

Tissue processing and imaging in cardiovascular diseases

High variability in tissue processing between the different labs makes the translation of the experimental results into the clinic very difficult. We aim to provide assistance in using standardized protocols for processing and imaging the vessels and the heart. Our protocols can be adapted and optimized by our highly experienced staff to apply to any pathological condition in cardiovascular diseases.

Workshops and courses

We find important to promote the understanding of biologically / medically relevant principles, so that the new generation receives a well-founded knowledge background. Our goal is to create a learning environment by organising workshops and courses regularly, starting from young ages, to open new opportunities for our future colleagues to guide them on their journey to grow within the scientific field with us.